The new BMW Z4 in Estoril blue metallic


Yes, that’s what it says on the press release. The new BMW Z4 in Estoril blue metallic. Even though I’m not here to advertise on behalf of the carmakers, I am a sucker for good PR-imagery, and in this discipline BMW are one of the best. You have to give them that. No overdone post processing, just plain good photography. Continue reading The new BMW Z4 in Estoril blue metallic

The words of a proper Alfa enthusiast

Having owned several Alfas, but currently driving – and modifying – a Giulietta Sprint, the Danish Alfa Romeo enthusiast, Per Einarsson, runs one of the most interesting, and nerdy, car blogs that I’m aware of – Ultimostile. He has also published a few eBooks that are worth a read, and is probably one of the few car bloggers who actually knows what he’s talking about.

Saab legend Eric Carlsson and ‘his’ cars


The internationally famous Swedish rally driver, Eric Carlsson, who came to be known as ‘Mr. Saab’ thanks to his many years of loyal duty to the automaker from Trollhättan, recently passed away at the age of 86, but he was in a way immortalized already a long time ago, when the first Carlsson Edition Saab saw the light of the day. Continue reading Saab legend Eric Carlsson and ‘his’ cars

French cuisine meets Spanish bratwurst


Remember when hot hatchbacks had 200 horsepowers at best? Me neither. Today, 300 is considered a bit average (goes for the movie as well), and large-ish hatchbacks with a mere 200 hp under their bonnets are called GT’s, because that’s what basically every car with a bit of extra power is, apparently; a grand tourer. Continue reading French cuisine meets Spanish bratwurst

When presence presents itself. Hint: It rarely does


I’ve been pondering the concept of presence. It’s not a word that means just one thing. The presence of a car may just refer to the very fact that it is, well, present, in any given moment. I’m not interested in that; I’m interested in ‘presence’ as a way to describe cars and their ability to project a certain poise and bearing in their appearance. BMW got this right. Continue reading When presence presents itself. Hint: It rarely does

The Gumball festival of something


As this little piece is written, the participants of this year’s Gumball 3000 rally are most likely making their way south from Oslo towards Copenhagen, probably without paying much attention to what figures are displayed on the signs along the road. Attention is everything in Gumball 3000, but not the boring kind of attention. Continue reading The Gumball festival of something

Just another car blog

Roughly speaking, there are two main approaches to take when you set up a new blog. Either you just sit down and begin to write whatever springs to mind, and continue to do that for months, or you lay out a sharply defined plan before writing anything at all. Then there’s the in-between-way, which probably goes for most of us, and I now find myself at a point where I believe it’s time to move towards the latter. Continue reading Just another car blog